Welcome to Willis Cycle Works
We at W.C.W. have been riding, living, and breathing motorcycle for over 20 year. We understand the high cost of owning and maintaining our beloved Motorcycle. So with this we are offering the lowest prices on parts and labor in the Knoxville area. Most all parts including motorcycle tires are very close if not below the internet prices. So help us, help you, and keep money in your wallet as well as in the local economy.
Also if you do decide to purchase your Motorcycle tires over the internet we can install them at a cost effective price and properly dispose of the old tires. We can also dispose of your old Motorcycle engine oil at no charge if you wish to preform your own engine, transmission, Primary, or final drive services.
We now have gift certificates good toward everything in the shop
The shop phone number is 865-249-7601

Willis Cycle Works

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