Mission Statement:

Willis Cycle Works is dedicated to providing the best possible mechanical services at a cost effective price. We do not believe in only partially completing a job as your safety is held in a very high regard. We are dedicated to the sport of motorcycling. While our background is sport riding we have adapted to all forms of motorcycling!

While we are dedicated to the sport of Motorcycling, we are also dedicated to our environment. We handle and dispose of all used and/or un-needed petroleum as well as glycol base coolants in accordance with all OSHA regulations, EPA regulations / guide lines, local, state, and federal Laws.

About us:

As for myself I've done it all, worked in lumber yards, cleaned parking lots, stocked shelves, and flipped burgers as a kid. From there I drove a long haul truck for five years where I started to get my first taste of mechanic work. After driving, I worked as a tire changer and changed oil on long haul rigs until I worked up to pulling transmissions and rebuilding drive lines. After that I worked for South Eastern Container as an operator of a machine that pumped out a half million P.E.T bottles every 12 hours. I got fed up with that and went to work as a driller's helper with a drilling company out of Middle TN. There I worked my way up from drill helper to drill operator, and finally job boss on a few jobs. From there I went full time with the National Guard working on helicopters. I started out with the UH-60Q model Blackhawk (Medivac) program and moved onto the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior where I was certified to repair power train components on all 4 models of the U.S. Army's rotor wing aircraft. I have 2 deployments; one in support of the Ranger Training Battalions based out of Ft. Benning GA and Operation Enduring Freedom were I was based out of Mosul Iraq. I am now retired from the Military and I am working full time with Willis Cycle Works.

As for my wonderful wife Lynn, she is the real reason Willis Cycle Works reopened after our last deployment to Iraq. Upon our return I received phone call after phone call of riders wanting their motorcycles worked on. I turned them down and recommended other shops until Lynn pushed me to reopen the shop and I'm glad she did. Lynn is a graduate of U.T. Chattanooga, a veteran of Desert Storm (the original push into Iraq) as well as Operation Enduring Freedom, has an accumulation of over 28 years in the military, and does a great job putting up with me. She is now retired from the National Guard. If your looking for a home or need to sale your house please feel free to call her at 865-599-4236. You can find her web site at the link below.

Tread lightly for the sport we all enjoy depends on it. Ride Safe!

We can safely mount and balance tires on your Carbon Fiber wheels!