Bryan never fails to impress me with both his quality of work, and the manner with which he provides it. His work is always 100% whether it's changing the oil or a complete top-end tear down. He is always completely honest about everything he does, including pricing and difficulty of work. Needless to say, it was refreshing to find an honest, fair, and very capable mechanic. He has another customer for life.

Bryan recently worked on my bike. He knows his stuff, he's thorough, he's well-priced, and he's great to deal with. Even offered me some free advice to help find an annoying squeak. I can't say enough good things about his service.

Just wanted to keep the positive feedback train rollin' for Bryan. He helped me out recently, saving me BIG $$$ when I thought a clunking noise in the driveline was coming from the transmission. He inspected the chain, determined some of the roller pins were damaged, and recommended a chain/sprocket replacement. I got the parts, and he had the tools to break and reattach the new chain. Took it out for a test run, and no more clunking!! I'm extremely happy with his service, knowledge, and experience on motorcycle repair. Thanks Bryan!

Some more props to Bryan, here. He just upgraded my forks by doing valves, springs, oil, and seals. He ended up having to order a tool and had it overnighted so my forks would be finished sooner. He then re-adjusted my preload shim stack/preload spacer after I couldn't get my sag correct, free of charge. The guy really goes above and beyond the call of duty to make me a happy customer. Plus, his labor rates are THE LOWEST you'll find. If you haven't already, send all your repairs his way!

For those who ride bikes, I would not trust any other person than Bryan Willis to work on my bike; I feel like my life is in good hands once I get on my bike again after Bryan has worked on my bike and looked it over to make sure there are no safety issues, or mechanical issues. When I go into his shop with a question about anything mechanical or any safety questions regarding the bike I know that he is telling me the best advice. Bryan beats any shop around on price and the quality of workmanship.

I wanted to thank you for doing a fantastic job getting the Concours back on the road. It runs much better than I remember it ever running. From the time I picked it up at the dealer, it had been cantankerous to start, having to get the enrichment lever set just right for temperature and cranking a few times. Now, flick on enrichment, a quick stab at the starter button and it fires right up. Thanks, Phil